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Blue Honey LLC

Blue Honey was crafted at my kitchen sink by using fresh products in the utmost clean environment. Blue Honey products are naturally mixed up deliciously for your home and body.

The name Blue Honey derived from North Carolina bees creating nectar as blue as the Carolina sky. There are many theories as to the reason for it; the most popular one is the bees’ diet.

We’ve decided to leave it to the scientists to figure it out. Regardless of the reason, Blue Honey likes being an anomaly, just like those bees. We celebrate being different, having good energy, and making the world a little sweeter.

Good vibes

It all started with intention…. portions of my heart, my soul, and energy poured into each candle, crafted into each jewelry, whipped in each souffle’. The intention to give of myself and feed into you positive vibes. Good vibes vibrates at high frequency that anyone will pick up, it is serene, conscious, and encouraging.

In order to feel good vibes you have to know your differences is your beauty… taking time to celebrate it, decorate it, love on it, girl check on it!

 It’ also being aware of the  universe within…  healing your spirit, fully stepping into who we were created to be….allowing ourselves to fully experience life little things, like the rush of endorphins in one touch, the texture of honey on the tongue, each breath we take, the sway of the music… being receptive to the world within and present in the now.

One thousand words in one photo

Halima. lover of books, bender of words, a dreamer, a freedom fighter, a mediator, a tree huggerrrr :), an entrepreneur, “mad as a hatter “, a tea drinker, a volunteer, a dancer, a keeper of hearts, a wanderlust, a creator, wife to Jean, the keeper of my heart and mother to Oriana, my Golden Lioness.

I was born in St. Croix, USVI. Grew up travelling the world as a military brat. I now call Virginia my home. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, with a concentration in Program Management. Recently completed a Master of Psychology with concentration in Industrial and Organizational Health. I have worked in the business industry for more than 20 years, supporting multiple government contracts. I am a proud military veteran. I am published author, written multiple shorts stories and poems. 

I am on a journey of self-discovery and finding beauty in all parts of myself, and helping others find theirs. 

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